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Course guides provide resources and research instruction specific to a particular course or program. Faculty and staff interested in the development of a guide for a given course or program should contact Instruction Librarian Sara Purifoy at

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BIO-1150 General Biology

Professor Jacob Mattingly, Fall 2019


BUS-4010 Business Strategies

Professor Barbara-Jayne Lewthwaite, Fall 2019


WRI-1002 Composition & Rhetoric II

Spring 2020


BUS-1010 Principles of Management

Professor Barbara-Jayne Lewthwaite, Spring 2020

CJS-1001 Criminal Justice Research

Professor George Petersen, Spring 2020


BUS-3320 Financial Management

Professor Dana Benbow, Fall 2019


HON-2099 Honors Special Topics

Professor Noah Haiduc-Dale, Fall 2019