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BUS-1010 Principles of Management: SWOT Analysis

Professor Barbara-Jayne Lewthwaite, Spring 2020

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This assignment requires you to meet with a librarian. You are expected to dress professionally, demonstrate industry knowledge, and ask appropriate questions to gather relevant information about the Library.

Sara Purifoy's picture
Sara Purifoy
University Instruction Librarian
Taylor Memorial Library
400 Jefferson Street
Hackettstown, NJ 07840
908-852-1400 x2550

Important Assignment Dates

January 16th, 2020: Library Instruction, SWOT Assignment Introduced & Students Schedule Library Interview

January 21st - February 11th, 2020: Librarian - Student Interviews

January 30th, 2020: Part One Due - Submit three source Bibliography

February 4th, 2020: Bibliographies returned with notes

February 13th, 2020: Part Two Due - Submit final SWOT Analysis with updated Bibliography. Hard copy to Professor Lewthwaite, email copy to

Read These First!

Library SWOT Analysis

by H. Michele Thomas J.D./MLIS - September 26, 2017

Locating and Creating SWOT Analyses

Ojala, M. (2017). Locating and Creating SWOT Analyses. Online Searcher, 41(1), 59-62.

Search Tips From a Seasoned Searcher

Badke, W. E. (2018). Search Tips From a Seasoned Searcher. Online Searcher, 42(1), 59-61.

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