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BUS-1010 Principles of Management: SWOT Analysis

Professor Barbara-Jayne Lewthwaite, Spring 2020

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This assignment requires you to meet with a librarian. You are expected to dress professionally, demonstrate industry knowledge, and ask appropriate questions to gather relevant information about the Library.

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Important Assignment Dates

January 16th, 2020: Library Instruction, SWOT Assignment Introduced & Students Schedule Library Interview

January 21st - February 11th, 2020: Librarian - Student Interviews

January 30th, 2020: Part One Due - Submit three source Bibliography

February 4th, 2020: Bibliographies returned with notes

February 13th, 2020: Part Two Due - Submit final SWOT Analysis with updated Bibliography. Hard copy to Professor Lewthwaite, email copy to

Read These First!

Library SWOT Analysis

by H. Michele Thomas J.D./MLIS - September 26, 2017

Locating and Creating SWOT Analyses

Ojala, M. (2017). Locating and Creating SWOT Analyses. Online Searcher, 41(1), 59-62.

Search Tips From a Seasoned Searcher

Badke, W. E. (2018). Search Tips From a Seasoned Searcher. Online Searcher, 42(1), 59-61.

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