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Access & Troubleshooting: Library Databases

For best access to library subscription databases and journals, it is important to use the links on the library website! These links include our proxy prefix URL, which enables you to authenticate as a Centenary-affiliated user.
Login Issues

  • Be sure to enter your username only, along with your current password
    Do not add the extension

  • Try accessing the library website directly rather than linking through Sharepoint
    When accessing through Sharepoint, the login may require a previous username convention.

  • Make sure login screen is Centenary's proxy authentication screen, rather than a database/journal provider's login
    If you are on a database or journal provider's website, your Centenary credentials will not work for you there.
Check Your Browser

  • Switch browsers! Sometimes browser settings can affect access.

  • Turn off browser-based privacy mode settings
    E.g. Incognito for Chrome, Private browsing for Safari and Firefox, and InPrivate for Microsoft Edge. Our proxy authentication software and some database providers require that cookies be enabled in your browser's privacy and security settings.

  • Clear browser cache and cookies
    Before you do this, consider that it may delete saved passwords, browsing history and address bar predictions, and shopping cart contents. If this information is important to you, you may want to skip this step. Follow the instructions for your browser.

  • Other browser-based steps you can try:
    • Check for autosaved passwords that may have expired. Look for the setting where your browser manages passwords.
    • Disable pop-up blockers
    • Check that you're using a recent, updated version of your browser.

Try a Different Database

  • Choose a database from a different provider

    If you are able to login, but you cannot get to the database, then perhaps your access problem is limited to one database provider. Using the Databases A-Z link above, choose a database from a different provider (e.g. Ebsco, ProQuest, JSTOR, Gale, HeinOnline, etc.)
Problems with Cyclone Search?

  • Logged in, but page not loading?

    Click to refresh or reload the page a few times - usually it will load after a couple of tries.

  • Guest Access to Cyclone Search

    ** Login not required until you access full text
    This will enable you to search and discover articles. If you have login problems or issues loading the database, this may help. Email to request full text PDFs if you are unable to open or download them.

  • EBSCO Essentials

    This search tool is freely accessible and allows you to search and access open access journal articles and ebooks available on the EBSCOhost research platform. You can also login to connect to Centenary's subscriptions.
Problems with ProQuest Access?

  • Public Access to ProQuest

    ** Login not required until you access full text
    This will enable you to search and discover articles. If you have login problems or issues loading the database, this may help. Email to request full text PDFs if you are unable to open or download them.
Direct Link Not Working?

  • Use Permalinks!

    If you have a direct link to an article that you bookmarked or that you got from someone else, and it does not connect you to the article, the reason may be that it is not a permalink. If you know the article's title, search for that in Cyclone Search to find full text.

    For some library databases, the URL in the browser address bar is only a temporary, session-based URL - it will not get you back to that page later. This is especially true for Ebsco databases, including Cyclone Search.

Install EZproxy Bookmarklet

  • This browser bookmarklet re-routes a website through our EZproxy server, which allows you to login as a Centenary student/faculty/staff and access full text of subscribed resources that you find while searching the web.

  • To install, set your browser's bookmarks or favorites toolbar to show all the time, and then click on the Centenary EZproxy button and drag it up to your browser's bookmarks toolbar.

  • When you find yourself, through a regular web search, on a journal website that Centenary subscribes to, you can click the browser bookmarklet to login to Centenary's subscription for that journal.

  • This will work for JSTOR,, HeinOnline, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Journal of Veterinary Research, Equine Veterinary Education, Equine Veterinary Journal, Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, and Veterinary Clinics of North America: Equine Practice.
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Provider Status & Support

The links below will enable you to check if there is a known system issue with the database provider. Also listed below are vendor-provided help pages.