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HON-1099 - How Do You Know?

A guide to searching databases and suggested resources for Honors 1099.

Class Objectives

Class Research Assignment

Students will delve into one of the following, social justice research topics and then plan to carry out a project to make a modest improvement on campus regarding that issue...

Issue 1Privacy, Identity, and TechnologyHow real are our digital/Social Media identities? What rights do individuals have to those identities—and keystrokes? What does ‘privacy' mean online? How can individuals protect themselves online—and what responsibility do corporations have to personal digital information?


Issue 2: Democracy & Discourse:  Do we still know how to Listen to, learn from, and respect one another? Increasingly, the nation is polarized into camps that assume everyone else is crazy, wicked, or at least grievously misinformed.   

This trend is not limited to the United States—in many places charismatic ‘populist’ leaders hold sway (Viktor Orban, Boris Johnson, Rodrigo Duterte, Recip Erdogan, Mohammed bin Salem, Vladimir Putin….)  What can be done? Is the era of democracy—and America as a model—over? Or can democratic, Enlightenment values be reinvigorated (on campus, in NJ, in the USA, in this hemisphere, etc.)

Classroom Presentation