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BUS 3320

Welcome to your Library Course Guide!

This webpage is for students enrolled in BUS 3320: Financial Management with Professor Dana Benbow. The content and items linked from these pages will help you with the research required for your Individual Project Presentation where:

"each student will research and analyze their company during the course assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the overall financial management of the organization. The student will use information available through public documents and/or other supported research materials. This analysis should be representative of the due diligence a company would make prior to purchasing an asset and consider the company comprehensively."

Let's get started! 

What is a Ticker Symbol...

The ticker symbol is a unique identifier assigned to companies so they can be easily researched and traded.

While the ticker symbol is most commonly an abbreviation of the company’s name, this is not always the case. Sometimes availability of the desired letter/number combo may already be in use and prevent a company from selecting a symbol that easily translates to its name.

...And How Do I Find One?

It's important to know a company's ticker symbol in order to research it!

You may be able to guess your company's symbol, but double check yourself just to be sure using one of the links below.

Now That I Have It, What Do I Do With It?

Good question.

Once you know your company's symbol, you can use it to quickly access financial company information in the Library's Business & Finance Databases.

Here are some collections to get you started: