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OER's for Medical Lab Science: Home

OER's for Medical Lab Science
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Library Resources as Affordable Option

Library resources might be one way to design a course that is affordable for students - these resources are not free, but the cost is already incorporated into student tuition. There are no extra out-of-pocket costs.

OER Searching: Best Bets for Medical Lab Science

Some open textbooks include instructor materials like Powerpoint slides, lab manuals, assignments, simulations, etc, while in some cases, those who adopt an OER will create (and license as Open Access) ancillary materials to be used with the original text.

Open Textbooks for Medical Lab Science

Explore open textbooks! The options below might be a good fit for some medical lab science courses.

MLS 3200 / MLS 4200

Hematology I & II

A Laboratory Guide to Clinical Hematology

From Open Textbook Library and the University of Alberta, A Laboratory Guide to Clinical Hematology may be a useful supplemental resource.
See reviews in Open Textbook Library.

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Clinical Hematology

Blood Cell: An Overview of Studies in Hematology
Hematology: Latest Research & Clinical Advances



Hematology: Science and Practice

From InTech Open, Hematology: Science and Practice offers a selection of essays which aim to inform both specialist and non-specialist readers about some of the latest advances in hematology, in both laboratory and clinic.

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and Practice


MLS 3300 / MLS4300

Clinical Chemistry I & II

Clinical Chemistry - Theory, Analysis, Correlation

From LibreTexts and Lawrence Kaplan and Amadeo Pesce, Clinical Chemistry - Theory, Analysis, Correlation (Kaplan and Pesce) is a workbook and companion manual to the 4th edition of Kaplan and Pesce's text of the same name. Includes questions, lab exercises and case histories.

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Introduction to Clinical Biochemistry

From Bookboon, Introduction to Clinical Biochemistry: Interpreting Blood Results is a concise introduction to the common blood tests and concepts used in pathology. Bookboon titles are free, though not open for remixing, and students must create a free account to access.

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