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OER's for Chemistry: Home

OER's for Chemistry Image by deepakrit from Pixabay

OER Searching: Best Bets for Chemistry

Some open textbooks include instructor materials like Powerpoint slides, lab manuals, assignments, simulations, etc, while in some cases, those who adopt an OER will create (and license as Open Access) ancillary materials to be used with the original text.

The list below includes online instructional videos that are FREE, though not necessarily open.

Library Resources as Affordable Option

Library resources might be one way to design a course that is affordable for students - these resources are not free, but the cost is already incorporated into student tuition. There are no extra out-of-pocket costs.

Open Textbooks for Chemistry

Explore open textbooks! The options below might be a good fit for some chemistry courses.

CHM 1050

Basic Chemistry

Introductory Chemistry

From Open Textbook Library, Introductory Chemistry is intended for a one-semester introductory or preparatory chemistry course. The theme "Chemistry is Everywhere" is reinforced throughout, grounding chemical concepts in daily life experiences, like personal hygiene, eating, and drinking.
See reviews in Open Textbook Library.

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Introductory/Preparatory Chemistry Textbook
CLUE: Chemistry, Life, the Universe, and Everything (Michigan State)

CHM 1100 / CHM 1110

General Chemistry I & II

Chemistry 2e

From Openstax, Chemistry 2e is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of the two-semester general chemistry course. Quite comprehensive, the text is highly regarded, and includes interactive exercises and real-world applications. Atoms-First adaptation available.
In use at 6+ NJ colleges & universities.
See reviews in Open Textbook Library.

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Boundless Chemistry
LibreTexts Textmap - Chemistry: The Central Science

CHM 2050 / CHM 2060

Organic Chemistry I & II

Organic Chemistry (Wade)

From LibreTexts, Textmap: Organic Chemistry (Wade) follows the structure of Wade and Simek's text. Textmaps are specialized remixes that are constructed to follow the organization of existing commercial textbooks. Textmaps facilitate adoption by faculty that are unable to switch from a commercial textbook to an OER alternative; these texts are identified by "Map:" in their titles.

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Organic Chemistry with a Biological Emphasis (LibreTexts, reviews on Open Textbook Library
Organic Chemistry with a Biological Emphasis, Vol. II (BCcampus)
Organic Chemistry Laboratory Techniques (Open Textbook Library, also available via LibreTexts

CHM 3000

Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry

From LibreTexts, Environmental Chemistry offers supplemental modules and exercises, with two related texts available: Geochemistry, and Key Elements of Green Chemistry. May not fully replace a commercial text.

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CHM 3100

Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry 2.1

From Open Textbook Library, Analytical Chemistry 2.1 is the ideal place in the undergraduate chemistry curriculum for exploring topics such as experimental design, sampling, calibration strategies, standardization, optimization, statistics, and the validation of experimental results. Access also available through LibreTexts.
See reviews in Open Textbook Library.

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CHM 4200


Biochemistry Free For All

From Oregon State University, Biochemistry Free For All has been developed and vetted with input from numerous instructors at institutions across the U.S. With corresponding Lab Manual and instructional materials. Also available via LibreTexts

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Biochemistry: Defining Life at the Molecular Level (Western Oregon Univ.)
Biochemistry Online (LibreTexts)