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Happiness: Library Resources

A general guide to resources to supplement studies in Happiness.

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Activating Happiness : A Jump-Start Guide to Overcoming Low Motivation, Depression, or Just Feeling Stuck


It's not just big choices that can radically change our lives—sometimes it's the small ones. Activating Happiness offers powerful, evidence-based strategies to help you conquer low motivation, nix negative moods, and defeat depression by actively making positive choices in small, everyday moments

Philosophies of Happiness: A Comparative Introduction to the Flourishing Life

In Philosophies of Happiness, Diana Lobel provides a rich spectrum of arguments for a theory of happiness  as flourishing or well-being, offering a global, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary perspective on how to create a vital, fulfilling, and significant life. Drawing upon perspectives from a broad range of philosophical traditions.

Happiness: The Science Behind Your Smile

What exactly is happiness? Can we measure it? Why are some people happy and others not? And is there a drug that could eliminate all unhappiness? People all over the world, and throughout the ages, have thought about happiness, argued about its nature, and, most of all, desired it. But why do we have such a strong instinct to pursue happiness? And if happiness is good in itself, why haven't we simply evolved to be happier?

Happiness: Personhood, Community, Purpose

This book is about happiness and about how the supremely happy life - the life blessed with what Aristotle refers to as eudaimonia - is the life of an ethical individual living in a healthy community. Much ethical literature has drawn inspiration from Aristotle's outlook, but relatively little attention has been paid to the central concept of Aristotle's ethical system - the concept of eudaimonia. 

Pursuing Happiness

Join the journey and discover the secrets to living a truly happy life as two film-makers travel the country in search of the happiest people in America. Be ready to laugh and cry as they uncover real-life heartfelt stories from the most compelling characters.

The Science of Happiness

The search for happiness is your key to greater success. Do you know what makes you happy and how to get more of it? Most of us have no idea what drives our internal joy triggers. In this course you will learn that happiness is concrete and achievable. More importantly, happiness has tremendous benefits for every area of our life.

Happiness: The Emotional Brain

Drawing a distinction between the lasting state of happiness and the pursuit of instant pleasure, the program explores the evolutionary role of happiness, and asks what happens in the brain, and possibly in the genes, that makes some people happy and others sad. Since depression is the fastest growing epidemic worldwide, research on the stimulation of positive feelings has momentous possibilities. Dopamine generated in the brain is responsible for making people happy. Rats who have become addicted to dopamine disregard food in their attempt to get more dopamine and may die of starvation for their addiction.

The Happiness Equation

What’s The Formula For A Happy Life? We’ve been taught from an early age that there’s a certain way to live a happy life. We build everything in our lives - from the smallest interactions to big-picture life planning - on the assumption that this path is the right way forward.

Hygge: Discovering the Danish art of happiness

For many of us in today's crazy and hectic world of careers, family and social lives, we can often forget that the things which are simpler and give the greatest pleasure are often put to one side. The simple pleasure of sitting in silence, watching the sunset, or watching the crackle of a fire as you share a meal can often have a greater effect on our souls than any material thing. 

The happiness project

Gretchen Rubin had an epiphany one rainy afternoon in the unlikeliest of places: a city bus. "The days are long, but the years are short," she realized. "Time is passing, and I'm not focusing enough on the things that really matter." In that moment, she decided to dedicate a year to her happiness project. In this lively and compelling account --- now updated with new material by the author. 

The Art of Happiness

One of the world's greatest spiritual leaders teams up with a psychiatrist to share, for the first time, how he achieved his hard-won serenity and how readers can attain the same inner peace.

Sustainable happiness: the mind science of well-being, altruism, and inspiration

Today's greatest health challenges, the so-called diseases of civilization--trauma, depression, obesity, cancer--are now known in large part to reflect our inability to tame stress reflexes gone wild and to empower instead the peaceful, healing and sociable part of our nature that adapts us to civilized life. 

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