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About the Library: Print/Copy/Scan

Information about Taylor Memorial Library


Printing is available 24/7 in the Library foyer via the Library Lanier LP150 Printer.

Documents can be sent to the printer from anywhere on campus from a computer with the appropriate PaperCut Printing Software installed. When a document is sent to the printer, it is held in a queue for up to 24 hours or until it is released. An un-printed document in the queue will disappear after 24 hours, so plan accordingly.

Your Centenary ID (which is also your Library Card!) is required to swipe and release a print job from the queue. Use the touch screen on the printer to complete the print job. 

Don't have your ID? Don't worry! If the library is open, please ask at the circulation desk or find a library staff member for assistance.

Documents can also be sent to the HUB 9050 Printer located by the Post Office in the Seay Building. Be careful when printing to send your document to the right printer queue.

For more information on campus printing or for instructions on how to set up printing capabilities on a personal computer, please click on the corresponding pdf.


A copy machine is available 24/7 in the library foyer. Copying can be done manually or with a flash drive or USB device. Cash/change is required to make copies. Files MUST be in a JPEG or PDF image format when making copies from a USB device.

Cost per page:

Black & White: 10 cents

Color: 30 cents

Directions for copying from a USB device:

  1. Press the Document Box key
  2. Plug in the flash drive
  3. Press Removable Memory
  4. Select the folder containing the file to be printed
  5. Press the Start button to copy
  6. Select file to be printed


Don't have change for the copy machine? Don't worry! A scanner is available at a computer in the Quiet Area! Scan and save a document, book, or photograph and either email it to yourself or print normally.