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About the Library: Friends of the Library

Information about Taylor Memorial Library

About Friends of the Library

The Friends of Taylor Memorial Library is a volunteer group established to sponsor cultural events for the Centenary University community and raise funs to donate to the library in order to enhance the services, informational resources, and equipment it provides.


  1. To sustain, strengthen, and further develop Taylor Memorial Library facilities, collections, and services by raising funds for the Library that enable it to purchase materials and equipment for its collection.
  2. To provide an opportunity for interested individuals to come together out of common interest in Taylor Memorial Library.
  3. To enhance involvement in and enthusiasm for the literary world among alumni and the greater Centenary University community.
  4. To encourage bequests and gifts of books, manuscripts and financial support for materials and projects, which exceed the resources provided through the Library budget.
  5. To assist in special projects planned by Taylor Memorial Library.
  6. To promote relationships between Taylor Memorial Library and its community, which expand that Library’s service capacity and the effective use of its resources.


The Friends of the Taylor Memorial Library is a volunteer membership group, consisting of alumni, faculty, staff, students and other individuals or companies in the greater Centenary University community, who are interested in promoting it’s goals.


Members of the Friends of Taylor Memorial Library will receive invitations to special Library events, as well as recognition in the Honor Roll of Donors and more.

Why Join?

By supporting Taylor Memorial Library, you are helping Centenary University provide the best possible research resources for its students and the community at large.

By making gifts of time and resources, the Friends of Taylor Memorial Library will help to ensure its collection — more than 70,000 print materials, nearly 3,500 audio/visual materials and a wide variety of databases and technological assets — can grow and change with the changing needs of Centenary students.

For more information, contact the Library at 908.852.1400 x2345 or by email.