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A Workshop for Graduate Education Students, with APA Citation Review

Track Down a Known Study

When You Have a Citation

Shanahan, T. (2020). The science of reading: Making sense of research. Reading Teacher, 74(2), 119–125.

Identify the journal title (not the article title). On the library website in the main search box, click the Journal Titles tab. Search for the journal title.

This takes you to the Publication Search screen, and shows any entries that match your search terms. In this case, the journal we searched for is the first result. Click to expand the plus sign and show any full text access options. The journal titled Reading Teacher is available through Academic Search Complete, Education Source, as well as via the ProQuest Central database, for the various dates shown. If the date in your citation fits within the dates available, you can click one of the links and search for your article title, or locate it by finding the issue that matches that volume number, issue number, and date shown in your citation.

When You Have a DOI

DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier. Most peer-reviewed journal articles will have one.

If it shows as a clickable link [e.g.,], follow it to the article page on the journal publisher's website. If it is not a clickable link [e.g., DOI:10.1038/446937a], copy and paste the DOI number into, a DOI resolver that will get you to the article page on the publisher's site.

If the article is available open access, you will be able to open the full text (the full version of the article). If it is not open access, you will reach a paywall, where the site indicates that you cannot access the full article without paying for it. In that second scenario, follow the instructions for "If You Have a Citation" above, to check if the library has subscription access to that article.

When You Don't Have All the Information

Using the main search box on the library website, type the pieces you do know into the Cyclone Search box. There is a good chance that this will lead you to the study, or at least to the complete citation information about the study.

Click the title to see if there are full text options available. If not, click to Search for more info on this title in Google Scholar. This may lead you to other possibilities for full text. If not, you can request the article via Interlibrary Loan.