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A Workshop for Graduate Education Students, with APA Citation Review

In-Text Citation

Caveats for In-Text Citation:

  • Format for parenthetical in-text citation is (Author Last Name, Year).
  • If there are two authors, list both last names with an ampersand (&) in between. (Smith & Jones, 2021).
  • If there are three or more authors, list just the first author's last name, followed by et al. (Williams et al., 2019).
  • If you quote directly from a source, you must include in your in-text citation the page number on which you found that quotation (American Psychological Association, 2020, p. 270).
  • If you use a direct quotation from a website or other source that does not have page numbers, reference the paragraph number instead (Martin, 2015, para. 8), or a section name (Martin, 2015, Review section).